Respect for Sympany

We recently met Sympany at the Circular Textile Days in Den Bosch. This foundation is one of the largest textile collectors in the Netherlands.

They collect many millions of kilos of textiles per year and ensure that your discarded clothing contributes to a sustainable world while preserving raw materials: "We choose the right destination for every piece of fabric". #respect.

We visited Assen and saw that literally every piece of textile is carefully sorted, piece by piece, by hand. You can hardly get more environmentally friendly. #respect.

And we have been able to search for good, usable raw materials for NUTT from a small part of this huge mountain of waste. We were able to fish out a nice pile for our upcycled fashion blazers. On to a new life for a better world. Because you love what you love.

Thanks Sympany for this great collaboration! Together for a better world!

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Teknik Industri

How does Nutt Amsterdam show respect for Sympany through their upcycling efforts? Tel U

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