How do I know if I am buying the right size? Each NUTT Blazer is unique and consists of two old garments. In the clothing donations we receive we find different European clothing sizes, but also sizes from outside Europe. That is confusing. To provide a clear grip, we design all NUTT Blazers on a medium-sized fitting model. From this model we label the blazers with S, S/M, M, M/L, L or X/L. We do this carefully and with expertise. The site contains a small description of how the blazer 'fall'. Too vague for you? Via 'contact' we can answer your specific questions. 

I want more information about a size, is that possible? There is a short description with each unique NUTT Blazer. If you want to know more, no problem, ask your question via 'contact' and we will answer you as soon as possible. 

Are NUTT blazers for everyone? Yes, of course. Because NUTT doesn't think in boxes. NUTT thinks in terms of people. In people loving uniqueness and searching for a better world. They want to contribute to a better world. That's why the blazer suits you if you fit it. In size and in looks.

Can I only order a NUTT Blazer online? Certainly not. We are at The Maker Market in Amsterdam a few times a year with our blazers or in a pop-up [we communicate via our social channels]. And of course you are always welcome in our home studio at Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 5c in Amsterdam. Advantage: you can see, feel and fit the blazers yourself. We serve delicious coffee or tea with it.

Do you make CUSTOM MADE NUTT blazers? Yes, that's possible. Do you have a precious piece of clothing that you want to incorporate into a NUTT Blazer? Or do you want to process a special fabric? If we are allowed to use our creative freedom, we will love to design a custom-made NUTT Blazer especially for you.

If I buy a NUTT Blazer will it be clean, right? Absolute! All blazers are carefully cleaned in the dry cleaner so that they hang clean and fresh in our shop. 

How do I clean my blazer? All NUTT Blazers originated from two different garments. This means that they consist of at least two different materials. This combination of materials is suitable for dry cleaning. Take your blazer to the dry cleaner, they will clean your blazer properly.

Do I have a warranty on my NUTT? Yes. Our unique recycled fashion NUTT Blazers are made from high-quality waste clothing. We carefully select the raw materials for your blazer. Each blazer is taken apart by hand, given a unique NUTT design and reassembled by hand. That makes a NUTT Blazer circular, special and of high quality. 

You have a warranty as long as you can expect your NUTT Blazer to last. Let's be honest and clear about that. So if you take good care of your blazer within expectation and within reason, but something is not right? Just let us know via 'contact' and we will probably solve it together. You happy, the world happy, NUTT happy. And you love what you love.

My blazer is broken. Do you also repair? NUTT Blazers are of high quality, which means that we do not expect repairs. But if your blazer needs help, we can most likely repair it. Depending on the damage, we can make a cost estimate for you. Let us know via 'contact' and you will hear from us soon. 

Can I follow NUTT Amsterdam in your sustainable path? Yes, of course. We just like that. You can follow us via our blogs on the site, on Instagram @nutt.amsterdam or via Facebook NUTTAmsterdam.

I have an idea or I have a comment. Can I share it with you? Sure. Let us know via 'contact' and then everything will be all right.