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Why NUTT exists

Creating a circular economy together

Is your closet full to the brim with blazers, pants, sweaters and shirts that you no longer wear? Sure, you can throw them into the donation bin, but chances are high that they will end up in a desert or on a refuse heap. That’s not only a waste of your items, but even worse, it means more environmental waste. Rather, give us your clothing and we will transform it into a unique, authentic NUTT blazer, put together with love, craftsmanship and an eye for detail.

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"I think my blazer become so special. Those splits are really beautiful...especially because I know how much love you put into them"
Greet Moens @journeyofastylist
"you keep what you love"
NUTT Amsterdam
"I fall for the great creativity in combination with quality. This produces very special blazers"
Kristel Middel Vork

"I didn't know that Karlijn's blouse could get such a cool new life. Cool". 


Give us your old clothes!

Don't throw your unwanted clothing in the donation bin. Instead, donate it to us. You can drop garments off at Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 5c in Amsterdam (a 10-minute walk from Amsterdam Amstel station) every first Saturday of the month between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning.

Milieuvriendelijk schoon

Al onze blazers worden gereinigd bij Stomerij PUUR in Amsterdam. Zij reinigen met het nieuwe en mileuvriendelijke SYSTEMK4 waardoor jij een brandschone blazer draagt én bijdraagt aan de bescherming van ons milieu.