That is actually very simple. This has to do with hard Dutch facts.

Because if you realize that 55% of the textile that ends up in the clothing waste bin is incinerated, while you might have thought that your clothing would get a nice second life? Not always. Yess, we were shocked by that too.

If you realize that we buy 46 new garments per person per year and throw away 40 pieces. And that we in the Netherlands throw away a total of 300 million kilos of textiles per year, we also think that is an insanely high number.

If you realize that within the fast fashion industry, scientists are hired to develop threads that break after 6 washes so that we buy new clothing items again. Then we get vicarious shame.

If you realize that an online item of clothing that does not fit or is the wrong color, too often does not return to the store after return, but ends up on the clothing waste mountain, because returns are simply more expensive, we find that extremely shocking.

If you realize that of the 21.5 million unsold items of clothing, almost 3 percent are incinerated. That is an average of 1 million garments. Serious? These garments are new!

If you realize that, according to the experts, clothing consumption will only increase in the coming years and that by 2050 we will have quadrupled the amount we buy worldwide, then all alarm bells will ring.

And then we haven't even mentioned the deserts of Chile and the beaches of Ghana, which are overflowing with our textile waste. Those images seriously hurt our eyes. Just as much pain as our photographed model in the Dutch textile waste mountain. This is our Dutch mountain of clothing waste. Every day again. And a lot of that can still be recycled sustainably into fashionable NUTTs.


Maybe now you understand better why we like to do this together with you. Because you can donate your clothes to us. We create as many cool NUTTs as possible from your clothing waste so that the new owners can pass on this story. Because you will stand out with a NUTT, so the question is where you got this blazer from. And that's exactly the point.

We do it useful, we do it together ♻️