NUTT exists because we consume so much. And we think things can be done differently.


Hard facts

We buy 46 new pieces of clothing per person per year and throw away 40 pieces.

In the Netherlands we throw away a total of 300 million kilos of textiles per year.

55% of the textiles that end up in our waste are incinerated.

Within the fast fashion industry, scientists have been hired to develop threads that break after 6 washes so that we can buy new clothing items again.

The deserts of Chile and the beaches of Ghana are chock full of our clothes.

A new item of clothing online often does not return to the store after being returned, but ends up in the residual waste and is incinerated.

Of the 21.5 million unsold garments, almost 3 percent is burned.

According to experts, clothing consumption will only increase in the coming years and by 2050 we will quadruple our purchasing behavior.


Our promise

As long as the fashion industry is not yet 100% circular, NUTT will exist. Because we believe that things can be done differently and that we should do things differently because we can create new precious items from donated clothing for years to come.

Donate your clothes

We create new unique recycled NUTTs from your clothing so that you can enjoy your conversation piece and together we help clean up the world a little bit.

We do it useful, we do it together ♻️